About This Newsletter

I have been helping clients win online since 2014 & hence I’ve decided to share my experience via this newsletter. I will write various posts that will walk you through various concepts of digital marketing.

The main idea is to share various tutorials & findings that will help you build a strong personal brand online. Just the way I am leveraging my digital marketing skills to build my personal brand, I’ll share everything I discover & realize while building a personal brand for myself.

Who is this newsletter for?

This newsletter is for those who’re interested in building a personal brand or simply want to leverage digital marketing to get results for yourself or for your clients.

I’ll keep the posts in this newsletters as subtle as possible so as to serve people with all degrees of expertise & walks of life.

What you’ll get from this newsletter?

  • Guides on various topics I find interesting & important for anyone who wants to learn various digital marketing concepts.

  • Tools that help your workflow be as smooth as possible.

  • Resources like Podcasts, YouTube channels, books & blogs to expand your knowledge wrt to digital marketing.

  • Sometimes, just a heart to heart conversation containing my experience, realizations & thoughts

  • Deals of various tools/courses you need to grow online (containing affiliate links at no extra cost to you).

How often you’ll get emails from me?

I will write once per week so that you spend least amount of time & get the right dose at the time. As of now, I will be sending out posts on Sunday mornings, so that you can enjoy the posts while having your bed tea or coffee or whatever pleases you.

Apart from these emails, I will occasionally share announcements & utterly important updates. No B.S whatsoever!

Who Am I?

I’m Shubham Davey, a blogger, photographer & digital marketing practitioner. I have been writing online for a decade now & helping clients find success online since 2014.

I’m on a mission to help people leverage the internet to create more income streams, because hey! Internet isn’t only about Facebook & Snapchat.

Internet is my second home, I spend several hours every day online. Hence I feel I’m eligible to share my experience to educate you with my knowledge.

You can find me on TwitterLinkedIn & Instagram, I’m heavily active there. You can shoot questions there, preferably on Twitter & Instagram.

See you on the other side!

PS: Checkout my blog to find my opinions about the topics I care about & I’m sure the posts will be useful to you too.