Wordpress.com vs Wordpress.org: What is the difference between the two

Three data points to decide the best platform for your blogging needs

I’ve used blogpost, wordpress.com & I’m currently using wordpress.org. A lot of beginners have questions about this. By default, beginners tend to choose wordpress.com because it’s free & easy to use.

Let’s bite the meat right away & understand the difference.

The major difference between WP.com & WP.org

Wordpress.org is open-source software. You don’t pay a single dime to use it. There’s a community worldwide keeping the software up to date. They don’t get paid for that either. Instead, they use that credibility to get clients who pay for creating their website on Wordpress.

Wordpress.org lets you fully customize the script, bend it at your will & take full control of your website.

This comes at a cost. Either you’re required to be skillful enough to control your website or you’ll need to hire people skillful enough to do that (reread the first paragraph)

Wordpress.com, on the other side, is a fully managed service where you don’t have to worry about security & updates. You can still customize it, but the price is significantly higher. You pay for the in-house security & automatic updates provided by Wordpress itself.

You can get a free blog with the ‘wordpress.com’ subdomain. You can get a custom domain hosted on their server with a basic plan, but you don’t have much control.

  • Use this plan to have something of your own & practice blogging (a cost-effective option)

There are various plans depending on your needs. Check out the plans here.

So here’s how you can decide:

  1. Free wp.com if you want to practice or simply test the waters & don’t care about control & customization. It’s absolutely free. You don’t pay for anything, but you get very little for free. All you can do is put your thoughts. If that’s why you’re considering, go for medium or quora. You wouldn’t even have to worry about getting the traffic as the platform already has users consuming a lot of content.

  2. Paid wp.com if you have a budget & don’t want to worry about security & updates of the blog. Depending on your needs, you can opt for various plans. It’s comparatively costly, considering the features you get.

  3. wp.org if you’re okay to get your hands dirty by taking full control of your blog. You can customize every corner of the blog & do whatever you want. You only pay for the domain & web hosting. Downside? You have to manage the security & updates too.

That’s all you should know to decide which Wordpress format is best for your blog.

Three C’s to decide which platform is best for you

#1 Customization

  1. If you want to customize & can afford to spend $100 a year on domain & hosting, wp.org is right.

  2. If you don’t want any customization & simply try blogging, free wp.com is fine.

  3. If you want customization & can afford to spend more than $100 a year with premium features, paid wp.com plans are right for you. Domain, hosting, security, updates taken care of, all in one place & authority.

#2 Control

  1. You control everything, including security, updates & customization, wp.org is the right platform.

  2. You control only the customization & forget about security & updates, paid wp.com is the right platform.

  3. You don’t care about any customizations & just put out your thoughts, free wp.com is the right platform. Medium & Quora is a way better platform for that. However, free wp.com has a little bit of customization & you can get started with managing your own blog with free wp.com.

#3 Cost

  1. If you want a cost-effective yet customizable blog (fully under your control), wp.org is the right platform

  2. If you don’t want security & updates to be taken care of by you, yet control & customize your blog, paid wp.com is the right option for you.

  3. If you don’t wanna spend anything, just take a feel of having your own blog, with little to no customizations, free wp.com blog is right for you.

There you have it. This is how you decide better, the righteousness of the two platforms for your need. If you have any queries or concerns, find me on Twitter & Instagram. I’ll love to help you out.

Hope this helps, I’ll see you around in the next one.