Two types of entrepreneurs...

Figuring out the type of entrepreneur you want to become

I don’t want to get into the complexity of entrepreneurship, maybe next time. But this post is about the two types of entrepreneurs that walk on the face of the planet earth.

This is in context of what work you or I, as an entrepreneur do to change the world for good. Leaving aside all the difficulty that an entrepreneur has to face, I’ll talk about the work one has to do.

Let’s begin…

#1 Who create solutions

The toughest & most fun to be with people. I’m aware of some entrepreneurs who have not only transformed the world by solving a problem no one dared to even consider solving, but also be so simple an humble that you’d question their subtleness.

Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Elon Musk are some names that pop up immediately. They’ve created a legacy that will never be replaced.

They’ve mastered their craft so well that they’re known & will always be known for their work, no matter how much advanced it gets.

These people care for the world so much that they end up risking everything they have for the good of the world. Elon Musk almost got bankrupt before hitting the jackpot with his reusable rockets. In fact, Elon has been actively sharing updates on how he’s selling all his properties, reports says that he wants to own almost nothing & put all his money into his projects like putting the first man on Mars. Steve Jobs got fired from his own company. Bill Gates had a rough patch too when Apple entered the market.

Fair enough to say such entrepreneurs are crazy about their projects & don’t care for money (at least not primarily). All they care is keeping the solution alive & make it more accessible to more people.

I can go on and on, on this topic, but you get the point. People of this type simply create a solution to problems & keep it alive at all cost.

#2 Who create more entrepreneurs

This one’s my favourite, not because I think I fall in this category. Actually I think, people of this category are the ones who’re actually the foundation stone for the changes we see.

Elon Musk has learned about rocket science & coding from the books & free sources. Imagine the books not being available at all. Picture a world without those free resources.

Take today as an example. A lot of people are learning so much from YouTube & other similar free resources. So many people are actually putting everything they have to share what they know & educate people.

I'm not interested in looking at their intention of doing that. Maybe they’re doing it for money, maybe they actually care for the people and share those stuff. My focus is on the impact is has on the people who consume the content.

Leave aside the YouTuber in entertainment space, no hard feelings for them. But let’s talk the YouTubers who’re sharing intellectual properties & coaching/training more people like themselves.

Can you imagine the impact & ripple effect of this movement, decades from now? I’m behind that point, decades from now. I see a lot of beginners falling prey to the money that’s on the table to earn in the digital marketing niche. I see a lot of “fake influencers“ showing off their earnings online & leaving a wrong impression on people. I don’t wanna name it, but you must have come across a few yourself & you know it I’m right.

Is that the influence you’re after? Then go ahead. That’s actually a thing. You can be a multi-millionaire in no time. Trust me when I say this, “Becoming a millionaire is a joke nowadays” it’s the legacy that requires a guts to put aside the millionaire tag & actually work towards a purpose.

If you’re serving a purpose, you wounldn’t be glorified with the money you make from it.

That’s the change I want to bring.

  1. I want people in my community to treat entrepreneurship as a mode of change, not a money minting machine.

  2. I want to people help people build a profitable blog without polluting the practice by all sorts of black hat techniques.

  3. I want to help people take the blog to the next level & build a personal out of it. So that more people can become like them & have mindset they have.

  4. I want to help people take better photographs & capture moments that other people will cherish for the rest of their lives.

  5. I want to make entrepreneurship a happy position to be. Not a position where all you care about is money.

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I hope this post has helped you pick a side, I’ll see you in the next one :)