Picking up the niche & knowing your passion

It's not that hard & it's also extremely difficult.

I get asked a lot. I have asked a lot myself.

“What’s my passion?”, “What niche should I pick?” in my initial days as a blogger. If you two have the same questions, this post is for you.

You don’t have to know everything right from the beginning. Know one has known everything right from the beginning, it’s a process of evolving. You grow in the process.

I can help you with finding a niche, but ‘passion’ is something you have to ask yourself. However, I can point in the right direction where you can find your passion. Hang around with me.

When you think of a niche, you have to reverse engineer and reach to point where you can find what you’re looking for.

The idea is, to begin with, a couple of questions to know where to start. I have pretty easy questions for anyone who seeks my help to find a niche. Here are the questions

  1. What do you do daily?

  2. What interests you?

I’ll explain why these questions can take you to the niche you’re looking for with my niches as an example.

What do I do daily?

I’m predominantly a blogger. I’ve been a blogger & SEO guy since the inception of my professional self. I’ve written every single day of my life since the day I started blogging in late 2010, irrespective of the length of content I write.

I’ve been writing on TwitterLinkedInQuoraFacebookMediumblogs, newsletters & whatnot?

Niche is not a topic, it’s a lifestyle.

What do I talk about in my writing when I publish on the above mentioned platforms?

Literally, anything that crosses my mind. I was active on Quora during my corporate job days. So ‘most’ of the questions used to revolve around my job profile & the company I used to work for.

Then I bought my first domain on 19 July 2016. I had a tech blog hosted on Blogspot & then free Wordpress. I moved the content there & continued blogging on that blog. I actively use n number of tech products (hardware & software) in daily life, I write about that on my tech blog.

By the time I moved I never had any idea to create any other blog. But as I got more into Quora answering more questions about ‘blogging’ as a topic (I was even the ‘most viewed writer’ for topic ‘bloggers’, ‘Google Adsense’ & ‘Make money online)

This triggered an idea to create a blog around blogging. Since I was actively talking about blogging on Quora, the idea was justified to go forward with.

I’m also passionate about photography. I had a blog about photography which I recently scrapped & focussed only on Instagram & YouTube. I have no plans to make money out of my photography yet.

The point I’m trying to make is, your niche should be something you either do daily or can do daily for the rest of your life. Think of it as a job. You just have the liberty to pick the area of expertise, unlike the corporate job where you’re slapped with an area of expertise by the employer.

As the final nail in the coffin, I even came up with 2 other niche ideas that interest me even today. Cryptocurrency & Financial education. Since I wasn’t involved in these niches on daily basis, I dropped the idea for now. I have the domains parked & I’ll start working when I can afford to actively involved in those niches.

That’s how you decide about the niche. See what you do (or can do) daily, & what interests you. Decide based on that.

Moving on to the most difficult part, - the passion.

How to find your passion?

Since passion is a very sensitive & underlying topic, it becomes very subjective. But I’ll try my best to make it digestible.

I have a simple notion for finding a passion, that’s how I found mine. I was really blessed to know what I’m passionate about since a very young age. It was photography, it is still photography.

The notion is, “Passion is something you can do without worrying about money”

I don’t care if I can’t money out of my photography skills throughout my life. I have an income stream to enable me to not worry about money. I don’t even plan to monetize that skill. It’s that easy.

Ask yourself, can you do something for free just because you like doing it? You don’t have to let people exploit the passion yours.

The real problem arises when you try to monetize your passion. Since you’re emotionally inclined with your passion, you tend to get too choosy for people you’re in business with.

I’m not emotionally inclined with my profession, i.e. blogging & digital marketing. I’m very skeptical & a diplomat when it comes to my profession.

That’s not the case when it comes to photography, I can’t think anyone exploiting me just because they’re paying me for my photography skills.

Anything more than zero rupees is an insult to my work, that’s why I have no plans to monetize my photography skills.

Care to have a skill that you can pursue without worrying about money? That’s your passion, at least that’s my definition of passion. Money can’t buy passion. There’s also a concept of Ikigai, a Japanese concept of finding your passion. Check out this book to learn more about the concept & find your passion.

I hope I’ve helped you find your passion & niche, at least point you in the right direction. My intention was to share what I have been doing since the beginning of my career & how I have kept my passion alive without worrying about money.

In case you have any questions, you can find me on Instagram or Twitter. I’m open to help you with anything related to blogging, personal branding & digital marketing.

Hope that helps, I’ll see you in the next one.