Your customers are online, are you?

Cultivating a successful online business from scratch

I started this newsletter as an extension of my blog where I share blogs on various topics of digital marketing that either help you establish & grow a business or do the same for your personal brand. Considering that this is the first post of this newsletter, the topic can’t be anything other than online marketing itself.

If you’re starting out or planning to start an online business, this is the right time. We are living in a world where we are having all the tools that makes it easier to start a online business. And I’m not even talking about the price. It’s darn cheap to subscribe to those tools & get ahead.

Why should you be marketing online?

Since you’re reading this already, I’m assuming you’re aware of what online marketing is.

I’ll talk a bit about why you should be doing online marketing. For the sake of this post, I will take my own personal brand as an example. I have been blogging, freelancing & providing digital marketing services since 2010.

I have transformed myself as an instructor over an digital marketing agency. So I want to help more people with establishing, scaling their blog & if they need transform themselves as a personal brand.

To do this, I should be visible online to get in front of my target audience in form of companies or students (who want to learn blogging, digital marketing & build a personal brand)

I do that by

  1. Writing blogs

  2. Articles/Answers on Medium & Quora

  3. LinkedIn posts/articles

  4. Instagram (Reels/IGTV/Live)

  5. Twitter chats/tweets & more

  6. YouTube & Podcasts

These gives me visibility online, basically market myself. I can land a ton of leads (B2B or B2C) so that I nurture them in various funnels depending on the association.

TL;DR: 4.6 billion internet users search over 5.5 billion times every single day on Google alone. This one stat should be enough to trigger you incline towards online marketing.

What are the channels of marketing online?

The whole of internet marketing revolves around just three channels:

  1. Search engine

  2. Social media

  3. Email

93% of online experience begins on search engine, Google to be exact. This tells me that I can get organic traffic from Google for free. This is free promotion of my business. That too, the exact people I’m targeting in the first place. Checkout this guide to learn about search engine optimization (free traffic) & search engine marketing (paid ads).

Social media is all about building relationship with your target audience. The idea is to create relatable content for your audience so that they stick to your brand.

Check out this guide to learn more about social media marketing. You can also checkout this guide to learn social media marketing strategy.

Email is my favorite channel. It’s personal & most secure business asset that no one can take away from you.

Social site might get out of business (tiktok got banned in so many countries), you website might get hacked (hundreds of thousands of sites get hacked every single day).

But an email list is simply list of people who’re interested in what you have to offer. Email is second closest thing you can get to your prospects. First is obviously instant message (chatbots are taking over email marketing with a storm).

Checkout this guide to learn more about email marketing. This guide covers the topic in-depth & shares so many insights about email marketing. Checkout this guide to get the theory of email marketing straight.

It’s not 2010, the attention economy is on the rise

We live in a world were almost everyone is exposed with the marketing campaigns on social media, search engines & email. So much so, that ad blockers are becoming a concern for advertisers in the US.

Even though Google is making ads almost similar to the organic search results, people aren’t clicking on the ads. Hence the advertising market is declining. People are fed up of social media, considering the privacy issues that poses against us.

People have very shallow attention span, shallower than that of a gold fish. So what the hell do people pay attention to?

People pay attention to stories of the brands. Ex-Google CEO, Eric Schmidt said that “Brands are the solution” years ago. This means that businesses aren’t going to grow, unless they establish as a brand.

Brands are authentic source of information that people engage to. We’re heading to attention oriented economy where attention will be the real currency for any internet business.

If you want to grow your business, build a personal brand around your business. Build a community around your business where you give & take intellectual goods with your audience. Your nurture your audience & walk them through the sales funnel.

TL;DR: Final thoughts

Building an online business is absolutely fruitful. It will take time but once it grows, it will all be worth. There’s are three channels you can grow your business online;

  1. Search engines

  2. Social media &

  3. Email

Depending on your budget & comfort you should put efforts towards marketing your business. We’re heading towards attention economy & the internet is flooded with a lot of highly optimized for search engines that lack value.

Build a personal brand that adds value directly to the people across marketing channels. You don’t have to rely on any algorithm, if you directly add value.

Note: If you’re a blogger & want to learn everything about blogging, check out this newsletter. The idea of that newsletter is to first help you establish a blog & then build a personal brand by the posts I share in this newsletter.